Dado planes

Dado plane by John Green of York.


Note the rarer square makers mark

An early dado plane by James Wignall of London.


 Note that there is no form of depth stop on this plane

Dado plane by M Hindmarsh.


 From the style of the plane, and the rounded wedge, and flat shamfers, I feel that this plane is likely to be by Mathew Hindmarsh of York

This is a dado plane by S Tomkinson.

  It has been suggested that he may be a Birmingham maker. The stamp, and lettering are very unique.

Nobody seems to know when the first dado planes were made, but this style appears to be the earliest  to come to light so far.

  Commonly known as proto dado's, this example is by William Madox. This famous London maker is often credited with being the originator of this plane, but I have seen examples by other makers.